Loan for construction business

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JSC Kredito garantas provides secured loans used as collateral via personal property pawning for up to 20 years. Our business loan may be used to acquire a specific asset or to supplement company’s working capital.

A rare start-up entrepreneur has enough funds to buy the equipment, materials, land that will be used for the company’s activities, or an attractive building for development. For this reason, additional funding is being sought.

Getting a business loan from JSC Kredito garantas is easier than from many financial institutions due to the more flexible approach and conditions applied to medium and small business representatives. The Company’s balance sheet, profit and loss account as well as information about the pledged assets that are not necessarily owned by the company are sufficient for a preliminary response to the loan. Our company does not require the borrowing company to carry on its business for more than two years, and also allows the company to decide where the loan will be used.

More and more construction companies are turning to JSC Kredito garantas for the business loan needed to successfully complete the project.

The loan for the construction business is usually provided for a shorter period – the companies borrow the working capital before the completion of the ongoing project.

A loan to a construction company can be paid out in full or in installments, with additional funds being paid after the project has increased in value, for example, first a plot of land, then a building (the amount of the loan will depend on the percentage of static completion).

JSC Kredito garantas flexibly looks at new or recently started companies. Realizing that young business needs time to gain momentum, and in order to compete with other businesses doing business, it is necessary to invest in equipment, materials, tools, techniques that should be used for projects, start small businesses and provide loans to start a business.

Loans are provided if the mortgage property accepted by JSC Kredito garantas is pledged. You can find out where the property is suitable for the pledge here.

Loans are provided to both new and long-established companies. You can find all the terms of a business loan here. You can apply for a loan here.