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Housing loan is a long-term loan taken for the purpose of purchase, construction, repair or reconstruction of homes. UAB “Kredito garantas” grants housing loans for the pledge of already existing real estate (more information on the property eligible to obtain a housing loan see on

Recently, housing loans are one of the most often granted loans, because not everyone can afford to save an amount required to purchase, build, repair or reconstruct the accommodation  without the assistance of UAB “Kredito garantas”. Housing loans are granted not only for purchase of a house or apartment, but also for the purchase of a land lot or renovation of renew of the current housing. We grant a housing loan without the initial deposit.

For the assurance of the repayment of a housing loan, UAB “Kredito garantas” offers the clients to pledge real estate. The real estate offered for pledging must be evaluated by appraisers who must prepare a valuation report (prepared not earlier than before 3 months). Valuation report prepared by the following companies may be accepted: UAB “Ober – Haus” real estate, UAB “Matininkai”, UAB “Inreal”.