Loan refinancing

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UAB “Kredito garantas” offers the services of refinancing. Refinancing is also known as recrediting. Loans for refinancing / recrediting is repayment of the loans taken from other credit institutions (fast credit companies, credit unions, banks) on favourable terms. We offer to use the advantage of the service of refinancing in case of debts to other credit companies.

These days, a lot of people are stuck in the traps of so-called fast credits. Even those who take small loans have to pay enormous interest, penalties, and ultimately huge fines. Therefore, people choose recrediting / refinancing and thus cover enormous interest and debts to fast credit companies.


UAB “Kredito garantas” encourages not to delay and refinance the accumulated debts, pay lower interest rates, establish a stable schedule and balance the monthly expenses.

Contact us and we will help you solve your troubles! For more information, please call:  +370 618 61111