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“Kredito garantas” grants mortgage credits. Mortgage credits are loans with the pledging of real estate, executed by a notary and recorded in the mortgage register.

Individuals need to be adult citizens of the Republic of Lithuania who have the right to reside in Lithuania. Loans are also to granted legal persons registered in the Republic of Lithuania.

The pledged real assets must be located in the major Lithuanian cities and their surroundings. The property can be: an apartment, a house, a cottage, a part of the house, a land lot (of not agricultural purpose).

12% annual interest from the loan amount.

The loan repayment period may be from 1 month to 20 years.

You can fill the application for credit here: Fill application. . You need to fill all the fields and click “Submit”.

The main office is located in Naujojo sodo Str. 1A, 4a. Klaipėda and Savanorių Ave. 363, 2nd Floor Kaunas. Work hours: I-V 9.00-18.00, lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00

Within 1 working day after the signing of the mortgage bond at a notary’s and in the mortgage register.

There is a possibility to postpone the date of payment. Otherwise, the default interest applies provided in the loan agreement conditions.

Yes, you can repay the loan prematurely by paying the 5% of loan amount, min 300€

Credit refinancing is the payment of the current loans to other credit institutions (fast credit companies, credit unions, banks) on favorable terms. Refinancing is offered to those who have having debts to other credit companies.