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UAB “Kredito garantas” is a foreign capital company, successfully performing its activities in Lithuania. The company’s main activity is the provision of consumer’s credits. “Kredito garantas” grants mortgage credits in Lithuania. Mortgage credits are a loan with the pledge of real estate, executed by a notary and recorded in the mortgage register.

Our company because of its specificity has the ability to individually analyse each customer’s request and to evaluate the customer’s expectations. Therefore, “Kredito garantas” grants loans faster and better than other companies providing similar services.

UAB “Kredito garantas” is a subsidiary of AS “Odav Laan”, established in Lithuania. AS “Odav Laen” is an international company, successfully operating in the market for 10 years. AS “Odav Laen”  is a company of Estonian capital, owned by AS “ALG Liisingu” group, expanding its activities in the Baltic countries.

The mission of UAB “Kredito garantas” – to turn customers’ ideas into reality!

The vision of UAB “Kredito garantas” – to become a company providing the best service and conditions for consumer lending in Lithuania.

UAB “Kredito garantas” is a reliable partner, providing only quality service to its customers.