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UAB “Kredito garantas” grants business loans on favourable terms and conditions. The loan is dedicated for small and medium-sized business. The maximum period for repayment of a business loan is 20 years. The loan amount is from 1500 EUR to 1000 000 EUR.

Business loans can be used to start or develop a business, purchase new equipment, premises, working capital, etc. The recipient of this type of loan can use it at his discretion, the restrictions do not apply.

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Why is it worth to take a business loan from UAB Kredito garantas?

• Fast, high-quality servicing. You just have to fill in this form ( ‎) and within 24 hours we will inform about the conditions of the loan.
• Repayment period up to 20 years.

• Loans are granted throughout Lithuania.

• The borrower can use the loan at his discretion, the restrictions do not apply to business loans.

• Free services: application review, advice on loans, instalment deferral, letter-reminder, advice-recommendation on insurance matters.

• You can repay the business loan by returning only the interest and repaying the principal amount at the end of the period.

Documents required to obtain a business loan:

1.   Valuation report prepared by the following companies: UAB “Ober – Haus” real estate, UAB “Matininkai”, UAB “Inreal”.

2.  Filled application

3.  A copy of the personal identity card or passport of the company’s representative or authorized person

4.  Annual report for the previous year

5.  Quarterly financial reports and income statements for the current year

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